Suction Unit (Member)

Lifetime SA01HT (Member) เครื่องดูดเสมหะ Lifetime_SA01HT_elmaslar

Lifetime surgical aspirator is designed to evacuate the fluid accumulated in the operated areas of the patients during the surgical operations and to be used in general surgery operations, gynecology, liposuction applications.

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Surgical Suction Unit (SU60.10) (Member) เครื่องดูดเสมหะSurgical_Suction_Unit_INSPITAL

INSPITAL Surgical Suction Units are designed for the suction of surgical fluids, gases and other wastes at operation area during and after the surgery. The device creates stable vacuum performance by an adjustable vacuum pump. Vacuum can be easily adjusted at the requested level with a vacuum level knob. ESU also has a manometer to show the exact vacuum level at the moment.

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Portable Suction Units (SU60.06) (Member) เครื่องดูดเสมหะPortable_Suction_Unit_INSPITAL

INSPITAL portable suction units are designed specially to dispose of undesired liquids and particles in the area of application in bedside practices and minor surgical interventions in emergency services, intensive care units, inpatient services, dentistry, and ambulances.

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