Easy and fast installation for first aid. INSPITAL can offer portable suction units with batteries (SU60.08) which have a battery for use in emergencies and can be charged from the automobile auxiliary power outlet, 220V electric type model is (SU60.06) or portable suction unit with stand (SU06.06T) according to customer needs. Poly-carbonate jars are sterilizable. Reusable and disposable jar options are available.  

Designed to be used in small operations and first aids
Portable design suitable for rapid interventions
Battery system for 30 minutes continuous run ( SU60.08)
Even with low noise the portable suction units are powerful enough to vacuum  620 mmHg (~83kPa, 0,83 bar), its flow rate is up to 30 L/min. 
Easy to operate due to simple design of the system 


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