PC-900plus, Vital Signs Monitor PC-900plus, Vital Signs Monitor

PC-900plus, Vital Signs Monitor

PC-900pro, Vital Signs Monitor PC-900pro, Vital Signs Monitor

3.5-inch high-resolution LCD display of SpO2/ECG waveform Tabletop design with user-friendly operation Up to 12000 groups of NIBP, 3000 groups SpO2 and event record Historic data records can be reviewed in waveform, list or trend graph Data export and software upgrading can be done by USB cable Flexible configurations among SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and ECG Nellcor compatible SpO2, SunTech NIBP and Infrared ear probe available

NeoECG T180

AI-ECG Platform is an artificial intelligence (AI) electrocardiogram (ECG) assisted analysis and diagnosis system independently developed by Lepu Medical.

Pocket ECG

LEPU PCECG-500 Pocket ECG Machine is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It provides the acquisition, analysis, storage and transmission of 12-lead ECG information. Compared to traditional heavy ECG machines, our small PCECG-500 is a great choice for clinics, family doctors and emergency care.

AIView VX Patient Monitor AIView VX Patient Monitor

AIView VX has a minimalist and unique design, advanced technology and innovative patented design to streamline caregivers’ workflow and improve work efficiency. Various combinations can meet the needs of different clinical scenarios, such as general ward, emergency room, recovery unit etc.

AIView V10/V12 Patient Monitor AIView V10/V12 Patient Monitor

In-Hospital Use 11.6/13.3 inch high-resolution touch screen with multiple display modes Support 3/5/6/10 electrodes, 12-lead Resting ECG, 8/12-lead dynamic ECG Support HRV analysis, ST segment analysis, QT analysis, Heart Rate concussion, Atrial Fibrillation analysis and other analysis functions. Intelligent early warning score system, 2000 Warning Event Review records 2-year warranty on the main unit and half year warranty on accessories

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