Digital Display
Thanks to its unique digital display, the vacuum pressure can be adjusted in 7 levels. When the desired pressure is reached, the LEDs are fixed.

Adjusting Knob
You can reach the desired pressure in the shortest time with the sensitive adjusting knob.

Lithium Ion Battery
Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of use on a single full charge. With its long battery life, it provides long-term use without the need for battery replacement.

Wall Bracket
Thanks to its wall bracket that comes as a standard in clinics and ambulances, stable use is ensured. In case of emergency, the device can be removed and made suitable for mobile use thanks to its latch.

Led Charge Indicator
Thanks to the LED charge indicator, the battery charge rate can be monitored continuously in 5 stages.

Accessory Box
The accessory box provides easy transportation and use of all consumables with the device, especially for mobile uses.

Optional Features

On-board Charger
This optional function is for the use of the product in car or ambulances using the 12V car charger. It allows the device to be charged directly from the 12V source of car or the ambulance.


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