Video Laryngoscope

The video laryngoscope for single-use blades is equipped with a 3,5” Full View HR monitor with 2 megapixel LCD. LED illumination. The device has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A very sharp and detailed image for easy intubation, even in case of a difficult airway. The device can save images and video recording. Data can be transferred via an USB cable.

Product description

Key Features

  • High-resolution imaging: Provides clear and detailed visualization of the airway for accurate intubation and airway assessment
  • Advanced LED illumination: Ensures optimal visibility even in challenging conditions, such as bleeding or poor lighting
  • Compact and lightweight design: Facilitates maneuverability and reduces strain during prolonged procedures
  • Reusable blades: Eco-friendly and cost-effective option compared to disposable blades
  • Wide range of blade sizes: Accommodates a variety of patient anatomies and procedures




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