AIView V10/V12 Patient Monitor

In-Hospital Use 11.6/13.3 inch high-resolution touch screen with multiple display modes Support 3/5/6/10 electrodes, 12-lead Resting ECG, 8/12-lead dynamic ECG Support HRV analysis, ST segment analysis, QT analysis, Heart Rate concussion, Atrial Fibrillation analysis and other analysis functions. Intelligent early warning score system, 2000 Warning Event Review records 2-year warranty on the main unit and half year warranty on accessories

Product description

Key Features

  • Full-screen capacitive projection touchscreen: Provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive operation and gesture support
  • Advanced ECG analysis: Supports 3/5/6/10-lead ECG collection, ST wave filter mode, multi-lead simultaneous analysis, and comprehensive ECG analysis functions
  • Intelligent early warning score system: Proactively identifies potential patient deterioration and alerts caregivers based on real-time patient data
  • Extensive data storage and review: Stores up to 2000 warning event records and allows for comprehensive data review in various formats (waveform, list, and trend graph)
  • Versatile connectivity options: Supports data export and software upgrade via USB cable, enabling data management and system updates


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