PC-900pro, Vital Signs Monitor

3.5-inch high-resolution LCD display of SpO2/ECG waveform Tabletop design with user-friendly operation Up to 12000 groups of NIBP, 3000 groups SpO2 and event record Historic data records can be reviewed in waveform, list or trend graph Data export and software upgrading can be done by USB cable Flexible configurations among SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and ECG Nellcor compatible SpO2, SunTech NIBP and Infrared ear probe available

Product description

Key Features

  • 3.5-inch high-resolution LCD display: Clearly presents SpO2 waveform, ECG waveform, and numeric values
  • Tabletop design with user-friendly operation: Streamlines workflow and enhances user experience
  • Extensive data storage: Up to 12000 NIBP, 3000 SpO2, and event records
  • Versatile data review options: Waveform, list, and trend graph formats
  • Data export and software upgrade via USB cable: Enables data management and software updates


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