Surgical Suction Unit (SU60.10)

INSPITAL Surgical Suction Units are designed for the suction of surgical fluids, gases and other wastes at operation area during and after the surgery. The device creates stable vacuum performance by an adjustable vacuum pump. Vacuum can be easily adjusted at the requested level with a vacuum level knob. ESU also has a manometer to show the exact vacuum level at the moment.


The device has an oil-less vacuum pump, so it does not require any maintenance. Inspital Surgical Suction Unit is silent, non-vibrating and powerful with 60L/Min flow rate. Inspital also has a Twin-Pump Surgical suction unit model. The twin-Pump model can be used for liposuction. The twin-Pump models power is 120 L/min. Pump production is made by protective technology preventing overflowing and liquid leakage to the pump system by integrated buoy system and hydrophobic filter. Device has two jars. Jar selection can be made with Jar Switch Button. Collecting jars with a scaled body, integrated & easy to carry handle. Inspital Surgical Suction Units have a wide range of jars such as 2L, 3 L and 5 L capacity options. Jars made of autoclavable polycarbonate. Also 2 L and 3 L capacity options for disposable liners with autoclavable polycarbonate jar options are available. Wide range of accessories makes the device very suitable for many different departments at the hospital. Two-color strong body is easy to clean and suitable for a hospital's disinfection system. Inspital ESU unit has a bumber base design and antistatic castors. Backside of the device has accessory storage for hoses.

Key Features

  • Powerful suction: Provides a high flow rate (60 L/min) and adjustable vacuum pressure (up to 680 mmHg) for effective removal of fluids, gases, and debris during surgical procedures.
  • Maintenance-free oil-less pump: Eliminates the need for oil changes and reduces maintenance costs, ensuring reliable operation over time.
  • Silent and vibration-free operation: Minimizes noise and vibration levels, creating a more comfortable environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Easy-to-use controls: Intuitive control panel and vacuum gauge allow for precise adjustments and monitoring of suction performance.
  • Versatile jar system: Features two reusable autoclavable polycarbonate jars with integrated handles and a disposable liner option for convenient waste disposal.


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